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Purpose (1.)

This document shall be the primary source document for SCC employees.

Scope (2.)

The scope is all business activities of the SCC.

Responsibility and Authority (3.)

The Director, Human Resources shall be responsible for maintaining this record.

Content (4.)

SCC Employee Relationship

   Barton Swift, President
   +-- Tom Swift, Director, Engineering
   |   +-- Barcoe Jenks, Electronics HW Engineer
   |   +-- Bub Armstrong, Mechanical Engineer
   |   +-- Minnie Blair, Software Engineer
   |   \-- Frank Mason, Project Coordinator
   +-- John Sharp, Director, Product Management
   |   \-- Wakefield Damon, Technical Writer
   +-- James Period, Director, Sales & Marketing
   |   \-- Jacab Wood, Sales Agent
   +-- Miquel DeLazes, Director, Manufacturing
   |   +-- Jennie Haddon, Buyer
   |   +-- Sarah Malloy, Receiver
   |   +-- Garrett Jackson, Production Planner
   |   \-- Hank Baldwin, Lead Hand
   +-- Ned Newton, Director, Finance
   |   +-- Helen Randall, AP Clerk
   |   \-- Jennie Morse, AR Clerk
   +-- Mary Nestor, Director, MIS/IT
   +-- Rad Sampson, Director, Quality
   +-- William Crawford, Director, Legal
   \-- Martha Baggert, Director, HR

SCC Employee List

Name Title Biography
Barcoe Jenks Hardware Engineer Tom Swift met Barcoe Jenks, an entrepreneur, by coincidence when they were coincidentally each marooned on Earthquake Island - Mr. Jenks by wreck of the sea ship he was a passenger in, and Tom by wreck of the air-ship he was piloting.
Barton Swift President An inventor, master machinist and holder of numerous patents, and founder of the Swift Construction Company. From a boy Barton had been interested in things mechanical, and one of his first efforts had been to arrange a system of pulleys, belts and gears so that the windmill would operate the churn in the old farmhouse where he was born.
Bub Armstrong Mechanical Engineer As a young farm boy, Bub had helped rescue Tom Swift from imprisonment by a gang intent on stealing Tom's his new fighting tank design. It was the impact this episode left on Bub that led to his leaving the farm for college to study mechanical engineering.
Frank Mason Project Coordinator Mr. Mason, a local farmer, first met Tom when he helped rescue him from the clutches of the Deep Forest Throng. His demonstrated skill at organizing groups led to his later joining the Swift Construction Company as Project Coordinator.
Garret Jackson Production Planner A long-time SCC employee, Garrett was originally responsible for maintaining the engine and boiler that powered the SCC's belt-driven manufacturing equipment. Mr. Jackson's ability to schedule maintenance with minimal disruption led to his current position as Production Planner.
Hank Baldwin Lead Hand Hank's first joined the SCC as motor operator on Tom's fighting tank project. Due to his overall knowledge and ability to teach others, Mr. Baldwin was moved to the role of Lead Hand within the Manufacturing division.
Helen Randall AP Clerk Helen was first introduced to Tom Swift by her cousin Mary Nestor and friend Ned Newton's, later joining the SCC when an opening became available in the SCC's finance department.
Jacab Wood Sales Agent Mr. Wood had been an auctioneer operating in the town of Shopton, before being enticed to join the SCC in a sales role.
James Period Director, Sales & Marketing Mr. Period ("Spotty") had been a promoter of all kinds of amusement enterprises, including theatrical performances and moving pictures, and had first approached Tom Swift to commission the design of a new electrically-powered moving picture camera in addition to follow-on airship travel to film documentaries in wild and strange countries. Spotty's expertise as promoter later led to his joining the SCC at Director of Sales and Marketing.
Jennie Haddon Buyer A friend of Mary Nestor's, Miss Haddon was interested by Tom's marine engine designs and joined the SCC when an opportunity arose in the purchasing department.
Jennie Morse AR Clerk Another friend of Mary Nestor's, Miss Morse joined the SCC at a time when many of the SCC's employees had gone off to join the war effort.
John Sharp Director, Product Management An skilled inventor, and former balloon pilot, John joined the SCC to assist Tom manage SCC's growing stable of products and portfolio of intellectual property licenses.
Martha Baggert Director, HR Martha Baggert was a motherly widow who had been first employed by Barton Swift as a personal housekeeper. Mrs. Baggert succeeded so well in that role that she was later approached to manage staffing and human resourcing issues for the Swift Construction Company.
Mary Nestor Director, MIS/IT A close personal friend of Tom Swift's. Mary realized early in her career the business benefits of free and open source software, and started developing a business support system for the SCC.
Miquel DeLazes Director, Manufacturing Tom first hired DeLazes on contract as the transportation manager for a gold expedition in Mexico. Miquel later joined the SCC full-time to lead manufacturing operations.
Minnie Blair Software Engineer Minnie first joined the SCC as the telephone switchboard operator, but her technical interest and ability was recognized by Mary Nestor who championed her for an engineering role in software development.
Ned Newton Director, Finance A close personal friend of Tom Swift, Ned started his finance career in consumer banking before joining the SCC to relieve Barton of some finance duties, later becoming the SCC's first Director of Finance.
Rad Sampson Director, Quality A long-time jack-of-all-trades for the Swift Construction Company, Rad's broad base of hands-on experience contributed to his success as the SCC's senior quality manager.
Sarah Malloy Receiver Sarah had briefly met Mary Nestor when Mary was interviewing to hire a household cook. Later dissatisfied with her own situation, Sarah contacted Mary, who then introduced her to Mrs. Baggert, knowing the SCC had a receiver position available.
Tom Swift Director, Engineering An intrepid inventor and mechanical genius who loved all things scientific. Tom took over the role of chief engineer from his father Barton, allowing Barton to refocus on research.
Wakefield Damon Technical Writer An eccentric adventurer who participated in adventures with Tom Swift, Wakefield also had various business contacts which proved valuable to the SCC. Mr. Damon's ability to simplify complex topics led to his role as technical writer, being directly responsible for the high quality of SCC user manuals and technical documentation.
William Crawford Director, Legal Mr. Crawford had been legal counsel to Barton Swift when he was a partner i Reid and Crawford. When Mr. Reid announced his retirement, Barton approached Mr. Crawford to join SCC to manage corporate legal affairs in a full-time capacity.

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