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Create a Quality System Page

Create a new page in the SCC Wiki according to SCC QSF Quality System Record (QSR). The page title must conform to the syntax:

SCC [record type] [title]

where [record type] is one of the following:

  • QSP - Quality System Process
  • QSF - Quality System Form
  • QSR - Quality System Record), including subtypes:
    • PRP - Project Plan (e.g. "SCC QSR PRP Project Plan Title")
    • WIN - Work Instruction (e.g. "SCC QSR WIN Work Instruction Title")

and [title] is a brief 3 or 4-word descriptive title (embedded spaces are permitted).

Edit Sections 1, 2, 3, and 5 appropriately. Either edit Section 4 with the desired content, or insert a link to the primary source document managed in Maestro.

Create an Ad Hoc Page

In certain cases, a Wiki page may be created which provides or supports product data, and relates to a specific part number, manufacturer, or some requirement that is customer-specific:

  • unapproved preliminary information prior to the approval of a document in Maestro
  • unapproved information related to and supporting approved documentation in Maestro

In this case, the page title syntax must conform to one of the following:

  • [part number]
  • [vendor name]
  • [customer name]

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