SCC QSF Work Instruction (WIN)

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Purpose (1.)

To establish a procedure for the ...

Scope (2.)

This procedure applies to all ...

Definitions (2.1)

Term Definition
term 1 definition 1
term 2 definition 2

Record Retention (2.2)

List records maintained by this procedure that demonstrate compliance with this procedure.

Health and Safety (2.3)

List any health and safety concerns with reference to applicable materials and their MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets, or equivalent), required PPE (personal protective equipment), risk mitigation requirements, etc.

Responsibility and Authority (3.)

The ... has responsibility and authority for ...

Procedure (4.)

Procedure1 (4.1)

Describe the procedure.

Related and Support Documentation (5.)

List relevant documentation in a table or unordered list, link to internal documents when appropriate, related and support documents are referenced for convenience in understanding this process by providing sources of additional information, but are not part of this work instruction.